Palin’s own words: ‘Amazing we did as well as we did’

November 10, 2008

I know how some of you love Palin so here she is in all her inarticulate glory. She did manage to get across that she blames the current president for the problems of their ticket not winning.  I personally felt she should throw some of that blame in the direction of her running mate.

Do I think she can make it on the national stage? Yes and no. Her views are very narrow which is a turn off, but I would hope she could grow in the republican party (and grow intellectually as well). But that’s a choice she has to make.  Unless of course she decides to work for Fox Fake News.

I certainly do not appreciate the scapegoating that the McCain staff is doing to her. Nor, did I appreciate the hate and lies she was spewing. I can only hope that she learned from that episode — that ugly lies no longer works.

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