Postelection poll results contradict media claims that U.S. is a “center-right” country

November 10, 2008

This is so funny and so sad. The republicans are having such a hard time understand that we as a country are no longer center right anymore. They have been pushing this whole left versus right theme for so long that they are not adjusting to what America has now become. We as a nation are looking to progress into the 21st century with a progressive President.

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In claiming that Obama ran as a conservative, these media figures ignore the central components of his platform, including repeal of tax cuts for the wealthy, near-universal health-care coverage, and redeployment of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. Democracy Corps, a Democratic polling group, released a poll on November 7 that showed strong support for the positions that Obama has articulated on these issues. The poll also included questions that provided a direct choice between the position taken by Obama on a given issue and that taken by Sen. John McCain (without referring to Obama or McCain) — with the more progressive choice echoing Obama’s position and the more conservative echoing McCain’s.

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Enough said.



  1. ROFL, the majority of people that I know (self proclaimed liberals, moderates, and conservatives) all prefer someone in the middle. If it wasn’t a democratic year, McCain would have almost fit the bill. Well a bit more than Obama. However, I have full confidence that either would have (and Obama will) attempted to keep their governing as close to the middle as possible. Unfortunately the issues are sometimes divided in such a way as to make only one or the other work, but many issues have a middle and I think that is where the majority of the decisions will be made.

  2. I agree with you up to a point. I do not think McCain fits the bill. He showed that he allowed his self to be manipulated way too much by his advisers who were mostly lobbyist. That did not give me a sense of confidence. I’m a moderate and really do not want too much extreme left sided ruling. Obama has shown that he is interested in being the President for all people and would like to bring us all together. However, it is still undeniable that we did elect a progressive candidate and I do not feel he will be a center right President.

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