The Most Popular meets The Most Unpopular

November 10, 2008

Today President Obama met with soon to be ex-president Bush at the White House.


This is sweet.  The most popular President coming into office meets the most unpopular president leaving office.

bush_obama_popularityEnough said.



  1. bwah ha ha ha, fantastic pictures and post. Your the best girl.

  2. It was about time that the US got rid of President Bush. Not only an absurd war based on the non existent masive destruction weapons, but also placing the image of America at the worst position in history. We americans need to change and open to a Positive and constructive attitude. The American way of Life must be the high ideals that made this nation what it is. The land of freedom, opportunity and a country of well being. Non racist, as Dr. Martin Luther King said: I had a dream… God bless America and the world. Universal thinking and human care. That’s the way to be. Intolerance is the enemy of life.

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