What if…

November 11, 2008

I’ve been listening to the pundits all weekend long and they are all talking about whether President Obama should and could keep his commitment to the American people.  Of course there is that other debate about being center right or else the republicans won’t play nice.  However, from what I am hearing the republicans will only let him do so much without opposition, just to look like they care.  The big stumbling block seems to be that he has to pay for it some how.

What if the changing of the taxes will bring in the needed revenue to do the things he wants to get done?  What if he does bring the troops home from Iraq and use that money?  What if President Obama just does what he says he will do?  Not in the sense that it will happen in his first 100 days.  Let’s get real, solving the our economic woes will take time, but by the middle of his first term he would have started the wheels in motions?

I only propose this suggestion because the pundits and republicans have been so sorrily wrong about who President Obama is and what he can do.  Therefore, I say again, what if?

Enough said.


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