Message to Pro-Lifers

November 12, 2008

Everyday I wake up and go to work to make a living to pay my bills and provide for my children, I stop and remember Pro-lifers have no rights over my life.  They need to stay away from what I do with my body.  Until the day they are paying my bills then their opinion has no meaning.  I will not tell my young daughters, if they were to get knocked up, they must keep their babies because some stupid group that needs to get the hell out of my bedroom and leave my body alone are pro-life.  In stead, I spend my time making sure my daughters knew how to protect themselves to avoid early motherhood being a problem.  And, if pro-lifers are so concerned with life then a real effort needs to be made to make sure all young women know how to protect themselves and are informed on the issue.

No, all the pro-lifers want to do is tell other people what to do with their body and quote scripture, with a total disregard for other peoples faith.  Do any of them dare work with planned parenthood to find a common ground to eradicate the need for abortions?  No.  To me, therefore, they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

ANTI ABORTION OUTLOOKAt almost every level, last week’s election was a stinging defeat for the anti-abortion movement, starting with Obama’s presidential victory. Priests for Life said voters “made a grave mistake,” while Mahoney’s group, in a refrain shared by many conservatives, contended that Obama will be “the most radical pro-abortion president” in U.S. history.

I hope the hell President Obama is the most radical for pro-abortion and will continue to make sure that the real work is to find ways to communicate to all our young people on how to protect themselves and slowly and surely make abortion clinics obsolete.  Sorry the days of right wing rule is over and whether pro-lifers like it or not the people have spoken.

Enough said.


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