Bailout Big Three Aurtomakers?

November 13, 2008

For once in a very few times, Chris Matthews tackled a real subject. The bailout of the 3 top auto industries I for one find particularly very important. I want to help them out (hell we helped out Wall Street and banks who damn well have not helped us out in return), but I do not want this to turn into another AIG.  Thomas Friedman has excellent knowledge on how the top 3 auto industries got into this mess and what needs to be done.

I wondered where President Obama stood on this whole bailout issue which is very important for the welfare of our country?  Come on people we can not stand to lose another 2 or 3 million jobs as weak as our economy currently stands.

President-elect Barack Obama wants a high-profile point person to oversee reforms in the ailing auto industry, according to members of Obama’s transition team.

Specifics about the proposal remain unclear. But the transition team says Obama suggested to President Bush on Monday that aid to the auto industry could be coupled with the appointment of “someone in charge of the auto issue who would have the authority” to push for reforms.

My bad, he’s got the right thought about what needs to be done. Something tells me President Obama is not letting the big issues slip through the crack.

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