Hannity, Limbaugh promote myth of an “Obama recession”

November 13, 2008

Enough is enough and this new mantra [Obama’s Recession] is getting beyond stupid.  I know the right wing nuts now have no life and seek to pin everything from the weather to the economy on President Obama, but don’t you think the man needs to be seated in the office before the nuts can start blaming him for a recession [or any other dysfunctional thing happening to our economy]?  Is this how the right wing nuts plan to make like Bush never happened?  That may be hard to prove since the other 95% of us are well aware that the recession was created by none other than Bush, lobbyist, republicans, special interest groups and right wing nuts.

Now I have to listen to jerks like Joe Scarborough [Morning Joe] spouting the same crap. I know the right wing nuts eat this crap up for breakfast, lunch and dinner; especially, since they are always looking to blame somebody, anybody, when God doesn’t rush and solve all their problems fast enough, but just how stupid do these fools think the rest of the country is?  These are the same pathetic and pitiful jerks holding that babbling, English mangling, politically challenged, clinically unhinged Sarah Palin up as their savior for regaining power in 2012.

If any thing, we need to get that sorry excuse for a president [Bush] out of the white house and let a real president [Obama] get in and start solving some of our problems.  By the way, while we are suffering through these challenging times just what the hell is Bush doing?  Oh yea…I forgot, in between writing policies to further hurt the country, hiding.

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  1. As usual, these jerk off’s couldn’t see reality if it smacked them in the face. Recession is here, thanks to the eight years of bush’s economic policies.

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