Chris Cannon (R-UT) Bombs on Fox re Bailout Oversight

November 14, 2008

The Bail out. Everybody remember the bailout that the white house sworn our economy would die if we did not give them a $700 billion tax dollars bailout.  What did they need this enormous sum for?  Why to keep the financial industries afloat.  Failure to not do so would cause our economy to crash.   Well, now after bail out, on top of bail out, on top of bail out — AIG anyone — the economy is still in the toilet.  Now we have found out that there is no oversight, Hank Paulson has flip-flopped on the original plan and president Bush remains in hiding.  Can’t we just revolt and kick the bums out?

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  1. Other than the republican party being the most corrupt organization, the Federal Reserve is the same, a bunch of lying crocks. This whole bail out crap was a sham to begin with and still is. There was no hearings on why the money was needed and no oversite put in place by Congress up till today. The plan was approved in seven days because of the lie that the “toxic assests” needed to be bought.or the country would fall into a finacial melt down. The media can sugar coat all they want but the reality is the US tax payer just got screwed to several thousand dollars each. We damn sure need to kick the bums out and close the Federal Reserve and as my good friend says, enough said.

  2. Oh by the way, here is more bull biscuts,


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