Palin and Joe the Plumber and Tito the Builder

November 14, 2008

Did she forget she was talking to Governors and no longer on the stump? Joe and Tito was not at that event, much less any of the middle class. There she goes running her mouth again with no intention of making anything she say connect with reality.  The chick is just un-freaking believable.

I’m beginning to believe that trying to listen to Barbie is a form of torture.  She clearly has no knowledge of how to connect words whereby they make a statement.  She babbles on and on until her train of thought has long been left behind in the dust of irrelevance. Let me just be blunt, my 11 year old has a better handle on expressing a complete thought.  I only wonder why no one will pull her aside and suggest she consider taking a course in English 101.  I, for my part, have suggested we create a charity and raise enough funds to pick her up a set of Hooked on Phonies

I think I hear Alaska calling…Sarah, Sarah, come home, now.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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