Palin Trashes Media Seconds After Claiming To Respect It

November 14, 2008

Obviously Barbie does not understand, once again, what the hell she is talking about.  And, as can be expected, she gives babbling a new meaning as, again, she can not clearly articulate what the hell she is trying to say.  Earlier yesterday I had discuss with some colleagues that Six Flags could probably make a new ride out of the twist and turns her every statement makes.  She’s  up, down, to the left, to the right, back down and on and on.  Listening to her requires a decoder book just to decipher what the hell is her point.

Nor does Barbie get the fact that it is not the mainstream media that needs to restore any credibility, it is her that needs a complete rehabilitation.  She continues to lie and lie and lie and fails to understand that she is not knowledgeable enough to pull it off.  She continuously seen to believe that portraying her self as a grade school drop out is a noble cause?

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