How much truth is there to Hilary being Sec. of State?

November 15, 2008

The mystery deepens over the whole concept of Hilary Clinton being supposedly tapped for being the Sec. of State.  Who really broke this story?  If Hilary is the chosen one, why was President Obama talking to Bill Richardson?  Since I put the story out there (with the understanding that there may be no truth to the story), it is only right that I put an opposing view from Al Giordano to said story.

No, it was not Mitchell that first floated this Hindenburg balloon. It was former Clinton White House aide (and reliable media spinner for all agendas Clinton) George Stephanopoulos on who first dropped HRC’s name for Foggy Bottom last week. ABC’s Jake Tapper reminds:

George Stephanopoulos reported Clinton’s name being in the mix last week on Good Morning America

The whole thing is a media freak show being served up by members of the Clinton factions in the Democratic party and obliged by a national media (some of them also Clinton noisemakers) in search of a story. The speculation is not because Senator Clinton wants the job, but because her people so desperately want to muddy the waters and throw up a roadblock to either New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson or Massachusetts Senator John Kerry – two of the leading contenders – serving in the post, whom they consider turncoats for having endorsed Obama vs. Clinton earlier this year.

This author proposes that the whole story is a ruse, so to speak, to keep either Bill Richardson or Sen. Kerry from getting the position.  Could that really be true?

What makes anybody think that somebody that so mismanaged her presidential campaign and its finances – still millions in debt – is going to be tapped to manage an 11 billion dollar budget with Embassies across the globe?

President-elect Obama is going to meet, in Chicago, on Monday with Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham: the same courtesy he’s reportedly given Senator Clinton. Shall we read into it that one of them will become Secretary of State? (No, we won’t, because their people in the media won’t be pushing such rumors.)

The conflicts of interest of former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Global Initiative – a “charity” with a $208 million dollar surplus, undisclosed donors, many of them foreign – signify that before Senator Clinton could hold the post of Secretary of State, Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe would have to disband their own “shadow state department” that is the Clinton Global Initiative.

As Matthew Yglesias asked aloud in the LA Times last year:

What’s more, presidential foundations — unlike political campaigns — can accept contributions from foreign citizens and even foreign governments. So, although Hillary Clinton is barred from cashing a $100 check from David Beckham, on the theory that he might be attempting to undermine U.S. sovereignty (or force decent Americans to play soccer), Bill is free to have his annual meeting co-sponsored by the country of Oman, whose interests surely don’t overlap 100% with those of the U.S.

The real issue here is that the conflict of interest created by the Clinton Global Initiative rules out Senator Clinton for Secretary of State. The Obama job application form is very specific about unearthing potential conflicts by spouses and “family members.”

I must say the author has some valid points that can not be easily dismissed.  This would not be the first time the media has throw a wrench into what is really going on in an attempt to get a story going.  Even I refused to believe that the Obama machine has any leaks.  So how did this story get out?  If I go by what Al Giordano has said, it was by George Stephanopoulos who most people know worked in the Clinton cabinet.  Nevertheless, I’m sure, In the coming days I’m sure we will know the truth of who is really being appointed as the Sec. of State.  But of particular note is that the NTY reported this about said story as well.

The prospect of Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state, perhaps the most prestigious cabinet position in any administration, sent people buzzing. But associates to both Democrats cautioned that their conversation included other cabinet possibilities and that no job was offered. Democrats said late Friday that Mr. Obama had also met with another oft-mentioned candidate for the post, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, to discuss the secretary of state job.

Enough said.


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