If ever there was a call to revoke religion in the White House

November 15, 2008

I will once again confirm that I am a Christian.  I just do not go to a church that practice bigotry and racist ideas.  That being said, let us look at what Bush had to say about religion being his guiding force for operating in the white house.

Addressing a two-day interfaith conference that has prompted mixed reactions from other leaders, Bush said religious belief “changed my life” and “sustained me through the challenges and joys of my presidency.” He also suggested faith can transform relations between nations and cultures.

It would be beneath me not to point out the obvious.  WTF?  Sustained him through the challenges and joys of his presidency?  Just what planet is Bush living on?  I can not believe this man is so ignorant of the destruction his presidency has and continues to bring to our nation.  If Bush fully believes that crock of crap then why does he spend so much time in hiding?  We have one of the worst economic situations going on, we are in a recession, American is bleeding jobs by the 10s of thousands, and the auto industry is getting ready to go up in flames and Bush has the nerve to talk about his faith?  His damn faith did nothing for our current climate and it definitely did not enhance our international relations.

Bush’s remarks came on the second day of a gathering championed by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who later met privately with Bush. Abdullah opened the conference Wednesday by calling for moderation in the Middle East, saying that religious differences in the region have “engendered intolerance, causing devastating wars.”

Human rights groups assert that the event gives undue credibility to Abdullah even as his country enforces some of the world’s harshest restrictions on religious practices. During his address, Bush instead argued that religious faith can bring people together.

Obviously the other parts of the world that cling so deeply to religious beliefs seem to keep wars going based on nothing but religion.  This is the crap that the right wing loves to eat up in their ignorance and desire to be superior.  Yet this mix of religion and politics has never been a healthy mix.  It is high time that something gets written up to stop this foolishness and for once purge all religious agendas from the white house.

It is perfectly well for our leaders to have their belief, but religion should not be how our leaders govern a nation of people that have a variety of other beliefs.  To subject the citizens of America to such a dubious practice would probably force us to be no different then any other middle east country that is currently fighting for domination based on their religious belief alone.

Enough said.


One comment

  1. Freedom of religion, sure.

    But freedom FROM religion too.

    The Founding Fathers were equally interested in both.

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