Last Post of the Night: Savage asked why Obama visited grandmother “who suddenly and suspiciously died virtually the night before the election”

November 15, 2008

There is nothing like listening to a right wing nut scream his opposition on the oppressed striking back.  Where is our government he screams since he is sick of the oppressed striking back?  I’ll tell you where the government is, not paying Savage’s dumb azz any mind, for sure.  Savage rant and raves his opposition to America being America and gets his usual cat nip lovers to eat the crap up.  Does he really think that will make us want to turn to the right?  Please.  The man is living in his own delusional world.  What is, is and gays are human being that have rights that should not even be on the political table.

Then of course, as usual, Savage goes on a typical rant over President Obama’s grandmother dying the night before the election.  Questions that needs to be answered I’m sure.  I mean people don’t just die from long battles with cancer.  At least that’s not allowed in President Obama’s life.  I wonder if Savage is even aware that it was the American people that voted President Obama into office?  Is he aware that we purposely gave President Obama a freaking landslide?

Wish we could be so lucky that Savage would die before the inauguration.  But to say something like that would be evil, no?   Then why do I have to listen to a blow hard say the equivalent to that about some one else?   I would be the first one to throw an egg in Savage’s face but we all know that he stays hidden behind a radio mike.   I’m sure in all Savage bluster he do not have the nerve to back up his BS in any one’s face.

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