Bill-O and Beck and a Big Steaming Wad of Stupid

November 16, 2008

The banality of conservative fantasy is funny.   It is absolutely stunning how Bill and Beck do not live in the world of fact and reality. They live on a plane where they discuss things like thinning out the herd (that would be us) because they don’t like what some body does or says; especially, if it does not meet with the criteria of how they say we must all think.  They are the same idiots that put empty headed Barbie on a pedestal, until Bill threw her under the bus.

They spend countless hours ranting and raving and still can’t comprehend why we don’t care; which has more to do about listening to them then anything else.   These are the same fools I envision standing at the pulpit back in the days of slavery telling their fellow brethren to lynch the negro, who’s only crime was running away from slavery, and both of them would be perfectly justified, in their eyes, to promote hate in the name of good for all mankind.  Goodness knows if Ayers had blown up a few Black people and their property neither one of them would have a problem with that having happened.

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