Media react to sec. of state rumors with suggestions of a rogue Clinton agenda, Clinton as Obama’s “enem[y]”

November 16, 2008

This whole media episode of Hilary for Sec. of State is starting to take on the air of Hilary for VP. There seems to be just too much food for fodder on this subject.  There are a lot of smears going around against Hilary and by extension towards President Obama.

So far, President Obama’s camp has never said that any one really asked her to be Sec. of State.   I find that for a ship that never leaks this story seems some what bogus.  The story itself is being used way too much to insinuate that Hilary is devious and Obama is weak.

Now doesn’t that make for a nice right wing sandwich.

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One comment

  1. yeah this is crazy I don’t get
    a- why clinton wouldn’t take up such a prestigious appointment and
    b-why she would do anything to jeopardize her party’s interests by beign selfish and ruining most of the world’s favorite US presidency in a long time.. before it has even begun!! insane.. we trust in Obama and so does clinton, I have no doubt of it! http://www.spinwhip.com/obama

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