Cardinal Stafford Calls Obama Agenda “Apocalyptic”

November 17, 2008

I am so sick of these religious nuts hiding under the guise of Godly garments spewing hate.  I am so tired of them using the excuse of Women having freedom over their reproductive organs as the main reason for the agenda of hate towards the president.  ex-president Bush did not stop abortions why no negative words for him.  That’s right…Bush made sure to spout his love of God while he was busy destroying the country.

This is not the 1600 century where the Catholic church rules the land with their oppressive will. They have been raping our children throughout the ages and they want to talk to us about being moralist?  If they are so concerned about women having abortion why don’t they think outside the box and start promoting sexual education?  No, they just want us to do as they say and ignore what they do (rape children).   Screw that, may they all like Cardinal Stafford burn in hell.

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  1. He sounds kinda gay to me. Not surprsing, huh? Psychic disturbances are not allowed, your emminence.

  2. Tom,

    Only you could come out and say what I refused to mention. Love ya.

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