Grand Old Party Moves On

November 17, 2008

I watched this episode just to see what the verdict would be regarding Sarah Palin. It was noted that Jindal did not answer Bob’s questions in regards to Palin and Bob had to ask him again. Then both Jindal and Gingrich knocked her down to just one of the voices speaking.  Does either one think shes the front runner for 2012?  Nope.  Well, some body better let the right wing nuts know so the republicans can avoid a meltdown in 2012.

Unfortunately, either Gingrich is living in la la land or he’s spouting BS.  If the republicans don’t start facing reality and facts that they are bleeding voters in proportion to how much they swing to the right wing of their party, then they will not be ready by 2016, much less 2012.  They will not pick up voters of different ethnic backgrounds and religions while remaining so utterly bias.

When it comes to bailout, I hope the republicans are not pinning all their eggs in that basket.  I don’t think the bailout will be the republican party’s solution since it was Bush, the republican ex-president, that brought that piece of crap to the American people.  Our hope is that President Obama can get in there with enough of the bailout left for him to salvage from being totally wasted as it is currently being wasted under the Bush administration.  Otherwise, it will be all on the republicans, since Bush requested it.

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