Eagleburger: Only Hillary Worthy to Take My Old Job

November 18, 2008

This whole position of Hillary becoming Sec. of State is turning into a royal mess. You have every pundit (and their brother), current statesmen, and ex-statesmen coming out of the closet weighting in on her competency.   You also have some republicans that are delighting in her as the pick for devious reasons.   Now, to throw more flavor in the mix, you have Hilary’s camp coming out and stating she has reservations about serving.

Press reports that portray Clinton as willing to accept the job – once the Obama transition team vets Bill Clinton’s philanthropic and business ventures – are inaccurate, one Clinton insider told Politico.

“A lot of the speculation and reporting is out ahead of the facts here,” said the person, who requested anonymity. “She is still weighing this, independent of President Clinton’s work.”

Clinton, the person said, remains deeply “torn” between the possibility of serving in Obama’s cabinet and remaining in the Senate to “help pass health care and work on a broad range of domestic issues.”

I’m sure with this new development we will have diverse reasoning on what this new information may mean.  There will probably be one camp that will claim Hilary is having reservation because of her husband’s record and then another group will claim that her statement is to soften the blow of not getting the position.

I think I’ll stay in the camp of wait until President Obama makes his selection publicly known.  I’ve been down this road with the media before, remember the VP spot and Hilary, so I’ll just wait and see.

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