November 19, 2008

It’s amazing that what ever is going on in President Obama’s world is now breaking news.  But, moving on, this is news.  President Obama has picked his new AG, Eric Holder.  From what I have been hearing every one feels this will be a non-problematic selection.

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  1. Eric Holder should not be Obama’s Atty Gneral. Obama promised change. Ths is more of same. What about Holder’s involvement in the Marc Rich pardon on CLinton’s last day as Prez? He seems to have other issues that zlso say he is not the man to be our country’s AG.

  2. Sorry but I’m in total disagreement with you. Giving a last minute pardon via the request of your president is not a stain on one’s record.

    However, if you are really concerned about last minute pardons then you should be keeping careful eye on how many Bush will be giving. I’m sure it will be extensive considering he has quite a few friends sitting in prison.

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