Final thoughts on Hilary for the night

November 19, 2008

Yea, well this is my third or fourth final post of the night.  I would really like for Hilary to get a post in the new administration.  But this circus that is going on gives me pause.  I have dug deep enough to know that the whole Sec. of State came from the Clinton camp.  That alone can give a person pause.  My greater question is why could she not accept the post (what ever it was or not) she discussed with Obama and kept it silent?

I can not get on board of the Clintons pushing a cause of what they want.  True, maybe Obama did talk to her about being the Sec. of State why couldn’t her camp keep their mouths shut?  If she gets the position good for her, but It definitely shows a lack of discretion and privacy.

A true turn off in my book and I will probably be looking at every policy move she makes with a third eye.  Sorry, but I will be unable to trust her motives.  I have always preferred Obama over her as being the democratic nominee, but after her stellar performance during the general elections I felt she deserved a post in the new administration.  However, once again the tactics have turned me off.  This need of being privileged because…just does not work for me.

More to be said on this subject.


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