the real last post: Presidential vote outcome fuels more racism

November 19, 2008

This is my real last post of the night. People stop acting like since President Obama has become elected that now we see racism. This sh#t has been going on all this time.  Muted, not covered or exposed nationally.  Racism is the excuse to keep us divided.  WAKE UP, AZZ HOLES.  We have real problems going on. Why are you believing this crap? Stop listening to the BS of Marxism, Hitler, other, different, alien and so much more BS.  We need to fix our country.  President Obama is smart, intelligent and a mixture of both white and black.   Who better to solve America’s woes?  We do not need to keep listening to haters from the southern strategy.   We need to get our own country straight. USE YOUR F-BRAIN FOR ONCE. REMEMBER WHAT THE HELL OUR COUNTRY STAND FOR?  FREEDOM FOR ALL.

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  1. We are outraged at the nonsense we see around us. It’s as if folks have gone off the deep end! Now since our Pres Elect has selected his Attorney General (Who happens to be African American) people are screaming racism.

    How many of you began screaming racism when GW Bush selected Cheney…or Rumsfield?

    By the way…how many citizens of color did you see at a McCain/Palin rally? We counted three…THREE! What’s wrong with this picture? During the Obama rallies all people that are representitive of our nation were present. This difference was so stark…that my nine year old gradddaughter noticed it.

    What’s wrong with people? Seriously, I wonder. I “HAD” been a staunch Republican for 30 years. Not one time did I see the Democrats acts so irrationally when they lost an election. Yes, people were disappointed…but there was not this level of open hostility and vitriol.

    You, continually,do such a good job on your site.


  2. At the least, racism was a thriving cancer just in remission, but it is live and well and now shaking it’s ugly head around. Unfortunately there is 40% plus republican voters who in my opinion are complicit to racism. I am outraged also.

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