Rep. Zach Wamp Explains GOP Economic Values

November 20, 2008

I’ve never heard anything as insulting as republican Zach Wamp estimation over letting the 3 big auto industries fail.  Let me make sure I have this right.

  1. It is bad to pay American’s a decent wage;
  2. It is bad to give American’s health coverage and
  3. it is time that Americans learn their lessons the hard way.

WTF? This is what the republican party wants to offer up as a reason for allowing the auto industry to bite the dust?   How about we keep Wamp’s name in our secret book and when it times to vote him out of office we do all we can to get rid of him.  Wamp using the bailout as an excuse for not helping another company should make me what?  Hm…say, look how fiscally responsible the republicans are?  Please.

I need more politicians that are pro America.   I do not want to listen to disingenuous BS.  I have zero interest in how well some other country is doing by buying cheap labor in America minus providing  pensions or health coverage.  I need President Obama to hurry up and take office and start enacting the people’s will.

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