Rush Limbaugh thinks you should work till you die

November 20, 2008

Forgive me since I know the fringe and die hard racist love this guy; but, he’s a f-idiot.   Now he wants to write the law on when people retire?   He completely ignores the real issue which is that the union made concessions to assist the auto industry.  No his only point is what age people retire and receive pensions.  Let the bashing of the unions make the rounds.

I am sick of those that get these million dollar contracts believing that they have any insight into what it feels like to be in the middle class.  What the hell does he know about giving up any F-thing to be able to pay a bill?  The only thing Rush can offer in abundance is his bigoted/racist point of view that he knows the fringe/racist eats up with their empty lives.

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  1. Rush has never worked a day in his bigoted miserable life and definately knows nothing about being short on money to pay the bills….another white person lacking in grey matter.

  2. Unbelievable! People really listen to this crap and enjoy it?

    55, isn’t that old age? Umm there are some jobs that people can do up to age 100 (like Rush’s job- sitting on his ass all day talking into a mic), but anyways there are some jobs that don’t last that long, esp if a person needs to be fast and flexible (like working on an auto line). Lifting, stretching, pulling, and pushing are things people in their 50’s can’t do esp if they have bad eye sight or arthritis.

    People like Rush give human beings a bad name.

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