No drama Obama meet Hilary drama per the media

November 21, 2008

clinton-largeI am getting beyond tired of the media making Hilary and Bill Clinton out to be some bad guys filled with soap opera dram.  If there is drama it was created by the media.  They will not give it a rest.  I’m sorry but Hilary worked her butt off to help make sure Obama win this election.  I trust Obama and if he really wants Hilary as his SOS (or any other post) then I will trust him in that regard.

What I don’t need is every GOP talking point blasting at me everyday about how Hilary is some mole with a hidden agenda.  Let’s establish one thing for sure.  Hilary is a democrat.  She is not a GOP mole.  The only ones talking nonstop about her potential is the media.

Oh yea, Bill must clean up his act.  First off, Bill has not done anything that is anti-American to have too much to clean up.  Hilary has proved her mettle to me and probably 67 million others that think she deserves to be a part of the new administration.

Might I be so bold to ask, what the hell is the media’s problem?  We progressive have no fight with her, nor do we dislike Bill.  So go fish in your own sorry pond and leave us alone.

More will be said on this subject.



  1. The issue that the media picked up on was that Hillary has huge ambition and ego, and Obama winning the presidency takes her out of the running for 8 years, and realistically for her entire career. That’s not a GOP agenda, that’s reality.

  2. I guess we look and listen to news way differently. I would go with that if the media left it at that. No, they do not. It is all about this dislike for the Clintons. Once Obama won she knew that took her out of the race for 8 years so now her big master plan is to do what? Work for Obama to work on the inside to do what? I am only following the logic here and it does not connect with the reality of what is going on. Obama is the president and if he decides that he does not want her in his administration what? 4 years from now we will remember this slight? If he accomplish 1/10 of his goals no will care. This whole Hilary nonsense is perpetrated by the media. The Clinton’s have no power over President Obama. No one has been able to get any information from Bill about his donations but President Obama did.

    And if Hilary has ambitions then at least she is being realistic whereas Sarah dumb azz Palin is not. I can easily see Hilary doing her job to the best of her ability because of her ambition. Whereas Palin would have us sinking in the darkest pit of BS while she quoted the Bible for an excuse for her ignorance.

  3. I’ll agree that the media was in the Obama tank from the beginning, and did not give her (or anyone else for that matter) a fair shake. But think about this logically: If Obama won, it would have effectively capped Hillary’s career at Senator. With ambitious people like Hillary (or insert any other egotistical ambitious politician name here) you have to wonder if they are truly motivated to campaign for a person that was a competitor, but that could effectively plateau your political career. This is not alogical, nor is it media creating the story.

    I’m not sure why you belief Hillary is realistic when Palin is not. Clinton was elected not on experience, but on her husband’s popularity, and a large amount of party backing. I never liked Palin, but admire the fact she had to upstage her own party’s chosen one to win the governorship. I’ll bet Clinton is smarter on paper than Palin, but I’m not impressed with the fact that Clinton thinks the rest of the world is stupid (check some of her speaches where she blatantly lies to the public). I believe both Palin and Clinton have done wonders for the gender, and have served to open the door for the next round of powerful women to acheive the highest office in the land. But neither may be fit to even hold the offices they currently do based on what I’ve seen for track record (or lack thereof).

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