O’Reilly: The Internet Has A Well-Known Liberal Bias

November 21, 2008

Hm…you heard it here first folks.  Now we know that the Internet, media, newspaper, dammit the whole world is more liberal.   So how did we let people like O’Reilly, Rush, Ingram, and Hanity get through?  Quick somebody close the door before anymore of these right wing nuts get in.  Maybe that’s why McCain lost the election?   I guess 8 years of BS can turn anybody in the other direction. Huh Bill-O?

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  1. It’s time to take O’Reilly off the air permanently. His license to spew hatemongering nonsense are over. He is offensive to all intelligent life and should be removed and buried in a bottle at the bottom of his miserable self. He is a drunk and a abusive womanizer, and spews destruction wherever he goes. Out with the Fox News channel altogether and out with that bastard!

  2. Bill-O is a jerk of the highest order and every time he opens his mouth its a given that nothing but trash will be coming out. There is no hope for Fox News as they continue to press forward with their backward agenda. If there was a way to legally get Bill-O, Fox and the rest of the nuts off the air I would be there assisting in any way I could.

  3. It’s still astonsishing to me that anyone one could take Limbaugh seriously. Right at the point I think he cannot possibly become more ridiculous or irrational…he does just that!

    There is NO reasoning with folks that follow his type of “news”…none at all.


  4. I forgot to mention…there is an unusual amount of trash talk coming from http://www.focusonthefamily.com/

    Do you remember that they prayed that a “rain storm of Biblical porportions” interrupt the Democratic Convention? Have you read the “Letter” that has come out of there addressing the Christians in 2012?

    Personally, it disgusts me the level of fear they are throwing out to the public. I’ve written letters to them )as well as the editor of the local newspapers) numerous times….I’ve also reported them. It’s outrageous that they even get “air” time to spew they divisive counsel.

    It would be wise to all to make your voice of oppostion to this level of fear mongering be known. Is it ever too late to do the right thing?

    Every life touches every other life.


  5. I’m a visitor to their site. It kinds of creep me out. I always feel as if I have fell back in time in a movie where you are listening to good and evil fighting. I find the site has no room for loving too much of anyone unless that person bends to all their rules. Sick.

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