The GOP wiseman speak

November 21, 2008

I know, I know, I know.  What?  Who the hell I’m not listening to.  The republicans are just freaking unbelievable.  I give you two stories that proves my point.


Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson called the financial crisis now plaguing the world economy a “once or twice” in a 100 years event, even as he warned Thursday against imposing too-strict regulations to prevent a repeat calamity.

I’m listening to this because..oh, yea, I strongly feel that deregulation played no part in what we are going through now.  Come on people.  We need to let greedy people with no oversight or rules and regulations set the tone on how our economic market develops, no?

Karl Rove:

Presidential transitions can be problematic. The candidate is utterly exhausted. Supporters have unattainable expectations and unrealistic personal hopes. The ease of making campaign pledges has given way to the obstinate process of legislating them. And Barack Obama is the first president-elect since Richard Nixon without executive experience. What are some of his transition challenges so far?

Of course we should all still be listening to Karl Rove.  Why should we let such a great mind slide into obscurity?  After all who else do you know brought dirty politics to its final climax?  However, I will note that the WSJ has reduced Mr. Roves op-ed from 16 paragraphs (from this morning) to no more than 3 paragraphs.  I guess the WSJ was not feeling Rove’s opinion, perhaps?

More probably to be said in the future about these nut jobs.


One comment

  1. Interesting post. Yes, Mr. Rove’s light is surely dimming and the GOP had better find a different strategy to reach the American people or they too will be reduced to several paragraphs…


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