This is just wrong

November 21, 2008

mccainNow that McCain is back in his office it seems some people are acting rather heartless.  He had some visitors come by and ask him for tickets to President Obama’s inauguration.  That seems to be just a little bit tacky and totally unnecessary.

McCain does not deserve that type of treatment.  He, after all, does love our country too.  Now that he has lost the election that does not make him the enemy or a person deserving to be humiliated.

He has returned to where he did not wish to return. Back to walking the spotted white marble corridors of the Russell Senate Office Building. Back to Room 241, which says “Senator John McCain — Arizona” on the door, and where a trickle of people stroll in on this morning in hopes of getting his pre-autographed photo and to inquire about obtaining tickets for Barack Obama‘s inauguration. Others stare. He has perfected his own middle-distance stare and the curt nod of someone coping.

This is just wrong.


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