FNC Guest Says Obama AG Pick “May Agree” With Terrorists

November 22, 2008

I just love listening to Fox Fake News as they continue to try to make stew without any meat, vegetables or water.  Now do they really believe I am going to really go whacked out crazy over Eric Holder doing his job by giving a pardon to a person his President requested him to give pardon too?   Get real.  Why the hell isn’t Fox Fake News focusing on who our current lame duck president plans to give pardons to?   Goodness knows Bush has more than enough dedicated friends currently residing in prison.  Unfortunately for the right wing nuts not enough of us are drinking the Fox Fake News kool-aid and will give credence where none belong.

I just love how Fox Fake News try to bring a human moment to the piece by bringing out someone whose father died over the actions of the group; but, excuse me for pointing out the obvious, then this needed to be a piece about President Clinton, not some underling who did his bidding.

Lets talk about scandals okay.  With our economy in a free fall why the hell is this a subject? Let’s talk about what the hell Bush is not doing, while still being the F-president, NOTHING. This is just more of the same disingenuous BS that Fox Fake News is noted for.

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  1. Here in Britain, whenever we need a injection of comedy, we use Fox News.

  2. Yes, a good deal of us Americans pull out the popcorn when listening to Fox Fake News. Comedy relief baby, comedy relief.

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