Michael Weiner Savage Cuts The Mustard Too Sharp

November 22, 2008

Sometimes when confronted with absolute stupid I can only sit in stunned silence.   At those times my mind is at a complete standstill.  How does one process such grand delusions with any type of logic?

Luckily, once my mind has had the chance to process just how unbelievably stupid some ones word were, I find my self on the floor crying with laughter.

These are the defining moments when I know that the right wing nuts have shifted into the land of undeniably crazy.  I could only wish I had the power to present awards for the awesomeness of Michael Savage’s particular brand of being both delusional and stupid.

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  1. I like Savage. He is brilliant. Get used to at least another 2 years of him, he just renewed with talk radio. He has a huge audience. It is chilling how the general media ignores him, it give him strength but it is scary how the left controls all media.

  2. I think with his type of logic (and maybe yours) the general media will continue to ignore him. Here’s a suggestion, take it or leave it, its time to turn off Fox Fake News before you suffer irreparable brain damage.

  3. Savage is definitely a fool and a joke. Anything that is not bright white to him is racist. Another fool lacking in grey matter. Hee Hee Hee

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