We Americans love our criminals

November 22, 2008

We can’t wait to vote them back into office.  No matter the crime, short of murder.  Take Norman Cole from Minnesota and Saxby Chambliss from Georgia.  Both of them tied up in corruption and what do we do as a nation, why we try to get them back into office.

Norman Cole:

Following his press conference, Coleman was pressed by members of the media to answer questions about the ethics charges swirling around both him and his family. The Senator allegedly received $75,000 in payments from a friend and GOP financier (through his wife) without reporting the gift on his personal financial disclosure form.

Saxby Chambliss:

Asked by a reporter whether a lawsuit involving deaths at an Imperial Sugar plant — a lawsuit in which Chambliss claims he has senatorial immunity from testifying — were making his chances at reelection harder, the Georgia Republican responded by knocking away a nearby camera.

Yea, we just keep getting it right.  Nothing like criminals running the ship, this way we don’t have to worry about other criminals.  You know the old expression, go with the criminals you know versus the ones you don’t.  Of course everybody is innocent until proven guilty, unless your name is Ted Stevens.  Then you are innocent until your appeal.



  1. i thought that all politicians were criminals anyway; i’m certainly not surprised!!

  2. Not all are but goodness knows a great portion is. My fascination is with us that keep voting them back into office. We even voted a convicted crack head back into office. I think we are shameless. We complaint and just keep on voting these losers back into office.

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