Your Weekly Address from the President-elect

November 22, 2008

Kudos to our new President that is thinking progressively regarding getting our current economy back on track. Its an ambitious plan to commit to putting over 2 million people back to work.  I fully understand that his plan is ambitious and will take time, but it beats doing nothing (Bush).

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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I have a comment regarding the automotive industry…

    It appears, that most folks that desire to ditch this industry lose sight of the fact it is tied to aerospace and defense…not to mention that fact that 1 in 10 jobs (directly or indirectly) are due to the auto industry.

    As always…you are right on target!


  2. If you listen to some of the republicans you would think they want to turn us into a third world. I’m starting to wonder about some of these republican (and some democrats too) politicians ties to foreign countries.

  3. Hey Sis,

    Actually, you are more correct than you may realize. After working 30 years overseas in numerous third world nations….the attitude here, since Pres Obama’s election (coming from the far-right)… is eerily similar.

    The first thing that happened in many nations…if they didn’t get voted into power their person of choice…they began talking of “taking up arms and fighting” (Zimbabwe is a prime example of this…although there are many!)

    The almost manical obsession (from far-right) of how bad it’s going to be is scary. There are numerous web sites popping up with extreme attitudes. The worst of it…are those spewing such fear mongering…DO NOT LISTEN! They can only spout their party’s rhetoric. Plus, they voted agains their own economic interests.

    You cannot engage them in any meaningful discussion surrounding the issues…the only thing that they express is rage. Personally, it reminds me of schoolyard bullies.



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