What about Iraq?

November 23, 2008

I will not pretend that I have ever been for the war in Iraq.  When I first heard that we were going to Iraq I said WTF?  I still stand by that same sentiment.  Do not get me wrong I was very gun ho about going after Al Queda with a vengeance and a strong desire for blood.  I live in New York (enough said).  I am no shrinking flower and do not shun all war.  Any country that has a desire to attack us needs to be stopped.  However, that sentiment is not inclusive of an empty, pointless war.  Our presence in Iraq has no logic; especially since the so called reasons for us being their has been proven to be worst than an urban legend.

I find it just a little bit disingenuous when I hear pundits report how our leaving Iraq would still leave instability in that region.  Pardon me but just why should I care?  Of course their are those that want to hang on to the theory of “let’s make being there have some meaning so fight on until success.”  Unfortunately, success is not definable when it comes to Iraq.  The only thing our wonderful presence has done in Iraq is unleash Iran and given them more power.  Yet, you have some writers talking about how ungrateful Iraq is for all we have done.  Which is pretty damn laughable in the face of the reality of what we have done to our own country in pursuit of a needless war.

The amusing part is that Iraq has asked us time and time again to leave their country.  Hell, Iraq would not even agree to sign the SOFA Agreement until Obama was elected president since the Iraqis do not trust Bush or McCain.

In Iraq, the proposed Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the United States is generating a heated and near-violent debate in parliament. But here in the United States, the Bush administration has kept a tight lid on the contents of the agreement.

We show great ignorance when we act like the words GET OUT can not be translated into American English.  What part of the American people want to quit that war is not sinking in?  How many polls does it take before people can start grasping the writing on the wall?  On the one hand you have the bulk of the American people who want to end this $10 billion a month war and on the other hand you have Iraq protesting against our lame duck president Bush.  As usual you have Bush trying to tie the new president’s hands with this SOFA agreement that he has kept well hidden from the people and Congress.

In the event of any external or internal threat or aggression against Iraq that would violate its sovereignty, political independence, or territorial integrity, waters, airspace, its democratic system or its elected institutions, and upon request by the Government of Iraq, the Parties shall immediately initiate strategic deliberations and, as may be mutually agreed, the United States shall take appropriate measures, including diplomatic, economic, or military measures, or any other measure, to deter such a threat.

This language suggests that the SOFA is, in fact, a treaty committing the United States to act in the defense of Iraq if its security is threatened. Even if it does not rise to the level of a firm security guarantee, the SOFA’s language is close enough to a treaty that Congress should have a say in it.

Two months is a very long time to endure a President that only wants to keep his marbles and have not a care regarding what is best for the country.  When it comes to Iraq I can only hope President Obama is a man of his word and will disentangle us from that mess.

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  1. Here is one big reason that probably is very redundant across this country to stop the war in Iraq


    not to mention it is an illegal war and that the reasons behind continuing is profiteering….Bush will leave all the mess of wars to Obama, Two months is a long time for sure but I don’t see Bush pulling out of any of his wars. I am counting on Obama to sensibly remove our forces out of Iraq soon after he takes office….

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