Lieberman lies: ‘I never felt that Barack Obama was unready.’

November 24, 2008

Now Lieberman has taken his smugness to a new level: lying.   I know Lieberman can not be that old that he does not understand the power of YouTube.   Did he think because President Obama was gracious that the rest of us would be?   He currently is in my “I can’t stand you” book forever.  I really don’t care about some knuckle head telling me how he was being independent by supporting McCain.  Obviously those people don’t get the point.  This is not about Lieberman supporting McCain that would have been fine.  No, Lieberman had to go the extra mile and make sure the world knew just what he thought of President Obama’s character and his capability.  So you people can cut the crap.  Lieberman is a weasel, snake, rat or any other sleazy animal one can think of.  He has absolutely no value as a politician in my eyes and the only thing he could do at this point is just tow the party line and do shut the hell up.

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One comment

  1. I can think of more words to discribe my thoughts on Leiberman but……….yours were good. He turns my stomach as the empty headed barbie does.

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