This Week: Panel Discussion on New Deal/Auto Bailout

November 24, 2008

Round one to democrats/progressives (Arianna Huffington & Robert Kuttner).   I for one am getting tired of the republicans assailing us with how now is the time to do nothing.  It has been 8 years of doing nothing and our country is currently on its knees.   Now is the time for us to do something, quickly.  Though it will probably be slow and, probably painfully,  we need to drag our butts out of this situation.

We can not keep listening to do nothing and see what happens.  We have to restructure from the ground up and make an economy that works.   This crap about the government running everything is a bad thing, I agreed.  It is currently happening and the Bush administration’s control is not working.  At least President Obama is not proposing for the government to take control of our lives.  The republicans pretend they want smaller government and yet over the past 8 years they have become so intrusive in our lives that we should just wake up and roll over in the morning and say hi.

The current philosophy the republicans/conservatives have adopted to blame everyone for why the problem exist is BS.   Let’s focus, the problem is that we had a bunch of conservative ideologies running us into the ground with the whole concept of less of government and less regulation.  We need the government to do its job.  Not live in our bedrooms and take over what we do with our bodies.  When it comes to finance, well…let’s just say greed can not be its own ruler.  It needs checks and balance.  So what if it takes the greedy 10 years instead of 3 to get filthy rich.

Then on top of all our problems, instead of our current president dealing with our immediate problems or trying to find a resolution (which he has not done since the problem has been introduced back in September), our lame duck president is out there telling the world how free market works.  Ironic, no, since his own country is sinking into the abyss of economic destruction?

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