Chris Matthews Show: Key Differences Between Obama and Bush

November 25, 2008

I watch Hardball and the Chris Matthew show on plenty of occasions, but this crap is starting to seem asinine. Did Chris really make his show about Key difference between President Obama and Bush?  Is Chris kidding us?  Duh!  One has a brain (President Obama) and one has a head with no brains (Bush).  One is a good old boy to have a beer with (Bush) and the other is who you would ask to write your college report if you were looking for an A (President Obama).  One is good for destroying the country (and he surely has — Bush) and the other is good for cleaning up an idiots mess (and saving the country — President Obama). Do I really need to keep going?

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  1. “and the other is who you would ask to write your college report if you were looking for an A”

    Well I mean, that’s the only attribute a president needs. Obviously good presidents only need to be able to write good college papers.

    Let’s not forget that Obama has never run ANYTHING! Never been in charge of anything, never got anything done in the senate, etc. etc. He’s the president elect because he’s a good speaker.

    And the country is not in bad shape because of Bush. Everyone agrees the struggling economy is all stemming from the housing crisis, which came about because too many greedy Americans were buying houses they couldn’t afford, and the banks were blindly lending them money.

    It’s frustating to me up when people say these strong words that clearly show they have knowledge of what’s going on. People think that when Obama takes over it’s all going to be smiles and lollipops in the world. They’re in for a rude awakening. Many think they won’t have to pay their mortgage or for gas, because the federal government will help them out. Good luck Obama voters….

  2. I’m not even going to mince my words. Bush is an idiot that did not do his job and no amount of calling President Obama inexperienced is going to change that. The fact that his lack of leadership skills has not been acknowledged for over 8 years is ridiculous. Was the world a sleep? The point of this piece is that it is a stupid topic. Politicians knew for a long time that Bush was incompetent and to pretend that they just noticed that fact is disingenuous.

    So far as the housing situation goes it has been on a slow simmer until it bubbled over. When Countrywide went up in smoke we had a chance to take control of the situation and we did not. It was not only about the banks loaning money to people that could not afford homes; it was also about lending money deceptively constantly by a third party (you knows snakes trying to make a quick bucks) and the greedy banks buying up those mortgages in bundles.

    Now back to Bush. Bush is the cause of the problem with his absence at taking control of a situation that had been spinning out of control for years. Either he was doing his job or not. He does not get a free pass because some in the world want to view him as hapless. I will blame him and continue to blame him with out remorse.

    As you have so boldly put it, only idiots who believe Bush had nothing to do with our situation would be stupid enough to believe that when President Obama takes control they will get a free pass (free gas, no mortgage, etc.). I, as well as so many others, see hardship coming hard and fast and have hope that at least we do not have an idiot for a President and might be able to weather this storm.

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