Okay I could not keep quite about Barbie getting back into the media

November 26, 2008

lies35Yes I know you conservatives are screaming at me to leave her alone (see comments here) but you know what?  Then you people should send the media (or her, whoever) letters and request that she stays out of the media’s eye.  Until then she is free game for ridicule.  Let the games begin, rah, rah, rah.

After Turkeygate where is Barbie heading first?  Why to Georgia to campaign for Chambliss and to perhaps give his campaign a boost?  I can only wonder if the women in Georgia will feel the same way that most other reasonable sane women feel towards Barbie:  abject failure.  Hopefully they are bias and racism enough to be down with her particular type of dividing the country (true America, perhaps?).  If for no other reason to vote for a criminal (possibly) as Chambliss is to acknowledge your noninclusive beliefs (you know, Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, Gays, etc.).

I look forward to commenting on empty headed Barbie as she promote the GOP cause.  That with slaughtering turkeys should be good.  Just how much has she grown (stop babbling) ooh let’s see shall we.

But even more fun is the fact that she will be at in Philadelphia to meet with President Obama.  Ooh more goodies.  Do you silly people think she has a rat’s azz chance of being a part of the new administration?  Not likely.  I’ve noticed that President Obama has been selecting people that can speak coherently.  Um…that really leaves Barbie out.  But I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

More after the endorsement and meeting with President Obama.  Oh yea, bite me.


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