President-elect Obama announces two more leaders of economic team

November 26, 2008

I must admit that the task in front of President Obama is awesome at best.  He is inheriting a mess of great proportion that the thought in its full magnitude is staggering.   Every thing in America is in shambles:  health care, the economy, our infrastructure, the auto industry, a needless war, energy, mortgages and the list just goes on and on.

It was refreshing as hell to listen to someone willing to talks to us like we are adults and have acknowledged our vested interest in fixing this mess.  President Obama spoke on things that are currently pissing us off.  This current administration of spend, spend, spend with no accountability or transparency is really starting to have a very negative effect among the local tribe.  How much more calming was it to listen to the new President talk about transparency and acknowledging mistakes?  It was something I really needed to hear.  Yes, I will admit that President Obama’s calmness and steadiness came across with a soothing effect.

Yet, he is not telling us fairy tales.  He is telling us that the road will be long and our problems are deep and will take time to fix.   Do I appreciate that type of honesty? Hell yes.  I want no window dressing.  Nor do I have an interest in listening to the media argue over what needs to be done or not done.  Truly their salary does not come close to my small amount (hence, what the hell do they really know?).  I need to know that our new President is on top of this mess.

I also took note that President Obama is making sure people are not confused in regard to whether he is acting like he is the president, yet.  He took great care to only assure us that he is putting together a team that are currently involved with finding solutions so when January 20, 2009 hits he will be ready to start making changes.

Another key point that was acknowledged by President Obama was that, yes, he does have a mandate to make changes.  If some might remember President Obama having a mandate was a heated argument among republicans and right wing nuts disputing this fact.  Well he settled that question but did it gracefully, because he also laid the ground work for republicans to be able to come into the fold and help fix our nation.


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