President Obama launches a new web site for Health Care

November 26, 2008

I know this is what the right wing nuts are screaming about, socialism, socialism, socialism.  Now the new President wants to cover all of Americans with medical coverage?  How could he?  Why can’t he understand the concept of less government?  You know like Bush.  Oh people don’t look at the fact that Bush has currently socialized every bank (don’t look at the fact that we have Medicaid or social security either).  Let’s just go on the right wing nuts path of pain.  President Obama is a Marxist (after Bush) and will only destroy our country (Bush already has).

Seriously, President Obama means business and has created a web site (you know that web site that shows transparency which is absence in our current administration right now).

Seeking to, once again, blaze a new trail on the intersection of technology and politics, the Obama transition team launched a new website on Tuesday designed to generate discussion over health care reform.

Check it out and be the judge for your self (exception to die hard right wing nuts).


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