Obama Family’s Thanksgiving Food Drive Visit

November 27, 2008

I know the GOP must be flipping out with rage. Who is this person that gives a damn about the middle class? It’s not important that the GOP’s stupid philosophy brought this country to its knees. What’s important is this country is still center right and this other person (remember President Obama is non-human) has no mandate.  Yea, right.  Who the hell is listening to that nonsense?  (Sorry, exception to yahoos and right wing nuts.)

I’m liking my new President more and more as I listen to him and see him in action.  Sorry folks, for me it’s not about the right (which I am totally sick of) or the left (who I do appreciate most of the time).  It’s about me, just someone stuck in the middle class drowning in the crap that is currently going on economically.   I have no credit cards, nor do I own a home, but my pay check has not increased to keep pace with the rising cost of everything (food, utilities, college, etc.). Yes, I am digging me some one that talks to me.

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