Contemplating a new day

November 28, 2008

As I sit here and contemplate all that I should give thanks for, even though my struggle is still long and hard, I have to give thanks for having a new president.  One that I really wanted to take control of our trouble times.

Even though I am very thankful for having a new president, I will not stop talking about how appalled I am over our current president’s lack of attention.  While the economy is spinning out of control and terror is reigning down on India where the hell is president Bush?  At camp David.  I think the media is being way too kind by calling him a lame duck.  Let’s do something unusual and call it what it is, perpetually absent is what Bush is.

In a world gone mad, created by the mad hatters called republican philosophy, where is the guiding light to lead us out of this storm?  No, not the president that starts on January 20, 2009, the one that is leading the free world right now?  Absent, mentally and physically.  Bush’s behavior is unacceptable and disgusting all rolled up into one description.  The only thing coming from the press is that he is lame, working with President Obama, blah, blah, blah.  Do I hear any real outrage?  Oh, hell no.

This is the time that the new president is suppose to have to relax and put his team together quietly.  Not President Obama.  He has to get out there and restore confidence for the stock market and for the American people.  Please, I am not feeling that BS about extraordinary times as an excuse for not holding our current president to doing his damn job.  You know the job he is still collecting a pay check for.  We still have over 50 some days before the new president takes office.  What is President Obama suppose to do?  Do he really have to hold press conferences for at least half (or more) of that time just to keep the market stable and people confident?

Just call me an American, but something is terribly wrong with this picture.  I mean no one is holding our current president accountable for what is going on.  It is to the point that now the newscasters and writers want our new President to own this economic mess that every single person — inclusive of the ignorant and plain stupid — know that Bush with his intellectual laziness (stupidity) created.  WTF?

My mind just becomes boggled at the thought of what is going on.  Why are we once again allowing Bush to get away with this nonsense?  I think we need to change the current story that is going on in TV/Newspaper/Radio land.  No matter what they believed or what they thought, we knew this election was about us and what we wanted (well a good percentage of us anyway).  Now its time that they got on board to our absolute disgust with what is going on with the soon to be ex-president.

I’ve written letters to my local newspapers and shows.  We can not let Bush get away with any more crap then he has already gotten away with.  It’s time to make a difference.

Never enough said about this subject.


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