Citigroup bailout blackout: Network news programs featured no one asserting deal is bad for taxpayers

November 29, 2008

I think we could almost pull this story out of a movie.  Ah, yes, Resident Evil.  When the government (Umbrella Corporation) had nuked the whole Raccoon city — not sure if that was the city’s name — the government reported that it was a nuclear meltdown and the people believed them.  Well now we have the case of Citigroup (another one of those companies too big to fail) receiving an extraordinary amount of bailout funds and our media didn’t think there was anything wrong with that picture? It was like a media blackout.  Not one newscaster indicated that the new bailout was harmful to the taxpayer. Interesting, no?

I guess its a good thing Citigroup did not seek it at the same time the big 3 auto industries were looking for a bailout, huh?  This love affair with our media and their love for BS needs to stop.  They reported this story as if we needed to pull out our hankies for this sad sob story.

Question.  Why can’t we split up Citigroup (and AIG as well)?  Let’s try letting the part of the company that works stay viable and letting the part that is bleeding money fail.  Sort of like when the government thought Ma Bell was too big for its britches.  The government made them diversify. Why can’t Citigroup do the same and keep their hands off of tax payers money?  Come on, the third time is not the charm (for Citigroup or AIG).  Yet, we allow our government to penalize union workers such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler?  Please let time fly by rapidly (January 20, 2009) and let a real government take charges.

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