Inside Iraq – Security pact approved

November 29, 2008

Yes people we must examine this treaty that Bush has negotiate with Iraq over our country leaving their country.  We must examine this agreement because our current president has decided to be one of the worst presidents and has conducted his administration riddled with criminal activities (can we say illegal wiretapping and waterboarding).

Who does not know that we invaded Iraq for oil?  Hello, there was no WMD or terrorist acts being committed by Iraq towards the United States.  The sorry point is that neither Bush or Cheney got any oil (last laugh goes to Iraq).  The bigger problem is why if the negotiations were above board (ha, Bush is involved) the agreement could not be translated in English before Iraq agreed?

I am so sick of this administration and their constant dirt.  January 20, 2009 can not come fast enough.  Why, why, why does Iraq have to keep begging us to leave their country?  Call me an American, but I understand GET OUT 100%.  It’s already been reported that Iraq only signed the agreement because Obama is to become the new president.

Now isn’t it shocking that Bush negotiated an agreement that pretty much say we will never leave and have reason after reason to stay there.  Yet, I know a change is coming.  I’m with President Obama on this one, Iraq you’re own your own and good luck with your civil problems.


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