The Republicans just keeps that ball rolling

November 29, 2008

One of the things I have to do, to be fair, is read articles from the republican party.  During the course of that endeavor I joined a newsletter called Newsmax.com.  This newsletter is at best a piece of work and will just about say anything to motivate people to either

  • be afraid of the new president
  • demonize the new president
  • solicit money via fear of the new president

Honesty or facts is not a necessity of this newsletter.  For example I give you a few lines from this email I received entitled “Obamanomics Could Wipe You Out, Are You Prepared?”


  • Diabolical New Congressional Plans to Fund Emergency Bail-Outs By Meddling, Manipulating, and Even “Merging” Tax-Deferred Retirement Plans Such as 401(k)s into the Insolvent Social Security System.
  • A Desperately Cash-Strapped Liberal Congress Will Soon Double-Cross Taxpayers and Investors With Massive Changes and Absolutely No Warning.

Now when has any one spoke about merging our 401(K) plans into the social security system?  Congress is all liberal?  What happened to 40 or so republicans?  Did they turn liberal too?

Or take this email entitled “Zell Miller: This is the big one,” that, of course, employs just pure fear for solicitation of funds.

Now, Miller is warning Americans that Saxby Chambliss is the “last man standing” to prevent a “far-left agenda” from taking control of the U.S. Congress.

He is right. This is why the work of the National Republican Trust is so critical.

Please help our cause today

In his message, Michael [Regan] emphasizes that his father would have endorsed Chambliss and opposed Obama’s radical plans to increase taxes, put left-wing judges on the bench, to increase gun control, promote abortion and worse.

We need your urgent help to get out the vote.

It is amusing as well as tiring to constantly receive these messages that defies all fact or in some cases any shred of truth.  The motto seems to be lie, demonize, and just lie some more, which this ad depicts quite nicely against Jim Martin running for the Senate again Chambliss.  I guess the only qualification is to have possible criminal charges against you to really be voted into a senate seat (Ted Stevens).  The republicans just keep the crap coming non-stop.  I can see it is going to be 4 or 8 years of nonsense with these deceptive emails.  They send me an average of 5 to 6 emails a day with most of the subjects being “urgent” messages.

I will close this post with one more urgent email with another non-factual explosive statement made by this wonderful group of idiots.

The hard reality is U.S. voters have run into the arms of Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth” brand of socialism, which means productive people like you and me need to stay calm — but think proactively and act resolutely to defend what belongs to us.

I guess it would be wrong for me to point out that Bush has already deployed socialism with the bailout of the financial institutions, huh?

Enough said.


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