Bush is trying to make sure we’re all screwed before he goes

November 30, 2008

I’m sorry but worst president is not a good enough moniker for Bush.  We have got to find a better descriptor to denote that unequivalent dismal failure is captured in one or two words.  What Bush is doing before he leaves office gives a new precedent towards against the will of the people.

The Labor Department is racing to complete a new rule, strenuously opposed by President-elect Barack Obama, that would make it much harder for the government to regulate toxic substances and hazardous chemicals to which workers are exposed on the job.

Public health officials and labor unions said the rule would delay needed protections for workers, resulting in additional deaths and illnesses.

Wasn’t it satisfying enough for the republican hacks of the last 8 years to destroy our economy?  Now must it be about destroying the people as well?  What is it?  The republicans will not be happy until we are a third country with no regulations for the stock markets and peoples protection from harmful chemicals?

Bush does not give a fig about the people of America unless they have a vested interest in making money (even criminally, black water or Haliburton) or have the right amount of zeros in their bank account.

What an awful president we’ve had for the last 8 years.  The fact that the presidency was stolen only shows just how criminal the republicans can be.  Not the normal person that associated with the party out of some conservative reasoning (exception to right wing nuts),  I doubt they would ever sink so low.  I am strictly speaking about the politicians.

Now we have the FDA declaring that it has found an acceptable level of industrial chemical melamine in baby formula even though two months ago they were claiming they could not find an acceptable level.  Here’s a news flash, let’s not allow any of that crap in babies formula.  This is all Bush and it is disgusting.  What pigs.

So basically, the FDA has no idea what it’s doing and made a decision affecting the lives of your children and grandchildren based on what was best for business. Absolutely sickening. This is why elections matter. This is what the Republicans would have been doing with the economic crisis, picking all sorts of “solutions” intended only to maximize the economic benefit to their corporate friends and not address the real problem.

Look at Georgia for example, Chambliss is no more than a criminal in hiding and these sick right wing nuts prop him up like he’s a good man.  Give me a break from this nonsense.  Now I’m starting to wish that Bush/Cheney would die (naturally) already.  Let hell claim its own.



  1. I agree. Can’t Bush just do NOTHING? That would be better than him causing our country more harm. And CNN reports that he said that at least he was leaving office without having compromised his morals. WHATTT??????? This is the man who authorized torture. He has been not only one of our stupidest presidents, but also one of our most dangerous ones. Bye, bye, Bush.

  2. You know it. I’ve never seen any one like Bush. He was absence during his 8 years and now, like an incurable disease want to rear his ugly head? Please. Just go away already. I doubt he gives too many pardons since he is so busy trying to screw the American people. I guess this is his way of making us pay for him being so stupid.

  3. I don’t know where you got “against the will of the people” from the article that you link to, I read that article and nowhere does it mention the “will of the people.” It does say somethings you forgot to mention though.
    “this proposal does not affect the substance or methodologly of risk assessments, and it does not weaken any health standards.” the proposal, according to Leon R. Sequeira, the assistant secretary of labor for policy, would allow the department to “cast a wide net for the best available data before proposing a health standard.”
    “Randel K. Johnson, a vice president of the United States Chamber of Commerce, said his group ‘unequivocally supports’ the proposal because it would give the public a better opportunity to comment on the science and data used by the government.”
    Surely it can’t be a bad thing to get all of the facts, and to allow the public to have a say in these matters?

  4. Let me see if I have this correctly, 53% of us voted for Obama. Okay let me reiterate what I said. President Bush is overturning laws against the will of the majority of the people. Now let me address your comment as if you are only making a point irregardless of fact. If this was a law that need to be enacted because of its urgency, then why is Bush doing it as a last minute items? We have come a long way from the government releasing toxins on the people to assess whether it is harmful. I guess that’s your justification for the FDA ruling as well? Not even you will make me believe that all republicans believe in this nonsense.

    You know what dcbarton, you could dress sh*t up any kind of way you want to, but ultimately it still stinks. I refuse or to allow babies to be the governments lab rat because Bush has some minor adjustments to commit before he leaves office.

    Although you are a bright person, quoting Randel K. Johnson’s reasoning does not move me or change my mind. This issue is not worth arguing over since I know change is coming. So you go right ahead and argue and rant over the legality of the Bush administration undoing laws that were put in place for peoples safety. Party hardy. Forgive me if I don’t make it back to answer you again. I am done.

  5. 53% of us did vote for Obama, but in case you have forgotten, Bush is still the president until January 20th, and there are enough cases in front of the Supreme Court now that Obama may be proven legally unqualified before he gets to swear in.
    There is nothing in this law that is in any way similar to “releasing toxins on the people.” It is just saying to get all of the evidence and getting the publics input before mandating regulations. That is a good idea, unless of course you you are afraid of getting the facts. Nobody is going to be a “lab rat.” And nobody is undoing any laws, they are merely making it a little better for all.
    It doesn’t surprise me that “this issue is not worth arguing over.” No issue is worthy of debate with you, you are only interested in a simple “hate Bush and all conservatism” free-for-all.

  6. Didn’t expect you to respond so fast, Good show old buddy. So far as your free for all conservative bashing, sorry no. I have no interest in that. Right Wing nuts I am very strong on bashing, but just a plain old conservative? Where’s the fun in that?

    Don’t give me that mandated by the public crap. Just like they mandated before providing every financial institution tax dollars? I’ve heard this nonsense all before. I live in New York and when the EPA was asked about the air quality after the World Trade they lied and said it was safe (yes during Bush’s era). Now most of the people that listened to that crap are dying or suffering some type of lung infection.

    I am not the one to sell on Bush having the best interest of the American people in mind. Once again, no, sorry. He is the worst of the worst and I suspect anything he is trying to overturn or enact is for the benefit of his chosen friends (oil companies, financial institution etc.).

    So far as hoping some one will prove President Obama is not an American, good luck with that one. I read the story myself and that’s a loser going no where. But, let me help you out. Keep hope alive. Joe Biden may yet be our next president (did you have someone else in mind?). Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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