Jeb Bush: GOP should create “a shadow government”

December 1, 2008

So the kool-aid drinkers are still pushing the kool-aid, right along with the center right nonsense.  Now the GOP, per Jeb, should have a secret government working in the shadows.  Ah, excuse me…but…that’s what the GOP is currently trying to do.  Helloooo…you people no longer run the government.  All you’ve got is a shadow government that has no power.

There seems to be an extreme disconnect with what the real problem is with the GOP.  Let me help them out:  ITS THE FRINGE, STUPID!  People are tired of religion being shoved down their throats irregardless of what people’s religious beliefs are.  Every one is not a christian.  Demonizing people is not a winner either.  People are tired of listening to that crap as well.

The philosophy of giving to the rich has failed.  The philosophy of smaller government has failed.  The philosophy of us versus them has failed.  The philosophy of being fiscally responsible has failed.  The only thing the republican party has going for it is being out of touch and biblical sins (abortion, gay rights, etc.).  No one is listening to that crap.  You people went around calling President Obama an extreme liberal.  Guess what, we wanted that liberal.  So shout, scream, show flow charts, PowerPoint presentations and anything else to remind us non-believers we are center right and your core values is what we really want.  Right.

I for one am tired of the rich having every tax break off of my back.  Now, thanks to a republican (Bush) I have generations of my family paying for his friends to stay in business.  You know, its called the bailout.  The damn bill went to the senate and what did the senate do?  Load it up with pork ($140 billion) where the republicans ate up the lion’s share of that pork.  Spare me the speeches on what the republicans need to do and just be about the business of doing it.  If it’s a workable plan, who knows (doubt it).

The thought that offering people “loftier debates” would be a solution to the republican party’s woes is no where near being realistic and remains in the category of laughable.  Nor can dealing with the “issues” be inclusive of standing on a podium demonizing people of another color or religion, while preaching hate and divisiveness.  Such behavior will not be tolerated.

Wrap up time, the GOP still can not come to terms with their real core issues that caused them to suffer defeat in 2006, 2008 and possibly in 2010.  All I can say is keep sipping the kool-aid and maybe one day you’ll mix it right.

Enough said.


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  1. The GOP and the Bush cronies ( Henry Paulson) are economic fools. Their policies have for the most part brought this nation to its knees and won’t stop until our faces are rubbed in the mud. You are so right Iris, the rich are getting richer and getting the breaks and the rest of the country is getting poor. Our childrens children will pay for this debacle. Here is the true cost of the bailout to these finacial institutions to date. $8.5 trillion and counting. This amount of money could have been used to resolve the economic problems but was spent on big banks and insurance companies with absolutly no oversight. It is all a$$ backwards…….


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