Got to put this out there

December 2, 2008

not-my-choiceIt has been reported that David Gregory will be the new moderator for Meet The Press.  I am not excited or overwhelmed.  I have found his GOP talking point just tiring.  I do not see him as being Tm Russert who held his political affiliation close to his vest.  You never knew which way Tim was standing.  David Gregory?  Please the Man is a constant GOP talking water spout.  But then I guess that’s why they had Tom Brokaw being the moderator.  I guess my days of ever looking at that show is over.  I will look at his first few appearances with non bias; but, if he gives me one whiff of where he stands (whether left or right) it’s over.  I want the news without (let me give you a — conjuring Barbie — gotcha moment) any particular political leaning bias.

Sorry folks I just feel he does not meet up to Tim’s standards.


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