Here’s your girl, Sarah (Barbie) back in the publics eye

December 2, 2008

Once again, I could not resist putting the world’s favorite nut case out in the public eye.  Since I am a democrat I can only say give me more Barbie, give me more.

On the down side the media did not give her the attention she deserved.  Can you believe Fox Fake News did not carry her endorsement of Chambliss at all?  Shocking!  CNN only gave her a few minutes and other stations only gave her an extra few minutes than that.  Obviously these people does not understand what an illiterate star is.

For shame, the fringe is banking on her to take us back into the days of slavery, racism and hate conservative values.   Without further ado, here she is in all her glory wearing those clothes she wore on the campaign trail (the cothes the GOP lawyers were looking for, click on the picture for those details).


Of course I must mention that Alaska is wondering why their governor has not spent any time occupying her office since the election (this is a must read for its brutal honesty and hilarity), plus you have her refreshing her old campaign stump speech for the new cause of getting Chambliss elected.  Honey, girlfriend has been busy.  It’s not easy being intellectually barren, ask Bush.  The fact that she has the fringe in her pocket is all anyone really needs to know.  Like I said the other night Jindal?  Who are the republicans kidding about making him the next contender?  Please, the fringe is not looking for sanity.  They are looking for those core conservative values.  You know hate and divisiveness covered with a big heaping serving of hate and intolerance.

But let me not digress any further, here’s Barbie:

This should be a winner for Chambliss since it was reported today that they have the ‘white folks‘ in their pocket.  Hey I could see it.  We Americans love voting possible criminals into office and I’m sure Georgia have their fair share of racist bigots.  I can only say what I normally say, good luck with that and I will send a prayer out that black voters do not get involved (right).

Enough said.


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