Obama going on Vacation

December 2, 2008

It is being reported that President Obama is going on vacation.  Yes, how dare he go on vacation when he has not even been sworn in as the president (duh).  For the past two years this man has not been given a break.  First he went through a needless primary (at least from April into June).  He followed that up with going straight into a general election (with only taking time off to see his grandmother on two occasions).  A general election where he was demonized in the worst way and called a socialist, terrorist and redistributor (among other things).  By the way his grandmother died before he was elected.

Now we have our current government situation that no body seems to give a damn that Bush is ignoring but of course the right wing nuts want to put it all on President Obama’s shoulder.  It does not matter that he has came out and tried to repeatedly give assurance to the stock market five days in a row (unfortunately, Paulson also came out and gave a speech today and did what he and Bush are good for — sank the market.

President-elect Barack Obama will spend the Christmas and New Year’s holidays on an extended vacation with his family in Hawaii, Democratic sources confirmed today. The length of the vacation is not yet clear, and transition officials would not comment. Obama last visited the islands in October when his grandmother was sick.

Enough said.


One comment

  1. I hope Obama has a very good vacation. It is well deserved. The current president has been out to lunch since taking his post in the White house so why the hell can’t Obama take a vacation before taking his spot. After Jan 20th his plate will be full of the worst mess any president in this country has had to face……

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