Bush Was Warned About Mortage Meltdown

December 3, 2008

while Bush, the GOP, and the media as well as every other bleeding heart is trying to rewrite history (did you see his Bush’s Charles Gibson interview?), I though it would only be appropriate that we look at reality.

Bush did not inherited this mess 100% he created it a large part of it by being vacant.  We all know by July 2009 when we are still in a recession the media will be blaming President Obama as if he created this mess he is getting ready to inherit.  Let’s try to stay focus people and not think in terms of wanting to having a beer with an ex-president that pissed all over us and brought our proud, brave, strong country to it’s knees based off of a philosophy that he neither understood are really catered too. The only thing Bush stands firm on is that he was a practicing illiterate right wing nut with not out any intentions of serving that commitment either.

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  1. As I have studied economics for several years now and saw the crash coming back in 2006, I can say with much certainty that we will not see the light of day as far as the economy is concerned for serveral years, maybe till 2010 or 2011. We definately need to stick together and support Barack Obama with his economic policy because he has in front of him one of the biggest and most unique economic disasters any president in the US has faced to resolve……..it is going to be a tough one.

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