Gates: Obama ‘framed’ withdrawal from Iraq ‘just right.’

December 3, 2008

Here the media goes, playing the 16-month time frame game. How many times should the same question be asked? I think I got it the first time Gates said he agreed with President Obama’s time frame for leaving Iraq. Duh.

What is everyone thinking?  Did people think Gates was left in office to undermine President Obama and secretly would screw up the plans of our leaving Iraq?  Wrong?  Gates has high regards for President Obama.

“It really didn’t [feel strange]” being a Republican Defense Secretary appointed by a Democrat, said Gates. “The president-elect will be the eight president I have worked for. And all I can say is I look forward to it.”

“I have been very impressed by several things,” he said of his soon-to-be-boss. “First of all the things he said to me and on the campaign trail about the military and his respect for the institution; I was impressed by his reaching out to Admiral Mullen, and he has made clear he wants to have a regular dialogue with the chairman, the chiefs and the commanders. I have also been very impressed by Michelle Obama’s desire to work on behalf of military families. All these things send very positive signals to the men and women in uniform.”

Even though it was also reported today that top deputies would be removed from their post Gates seems to have no problem with that strategy either.

“When I came here two years ago, every single position was filled by somebody who was appointed by somebody else,” he noted. “I think it has worked out okay.”

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